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an image of some blue and white circles on a gray background with space for text
Solwens on Behance
three circular blue and white buttons with the word selwyns on each one side
Solwens on Behance
four different brochures designed to look like they are in color and black and white
Easy — Logo Design and Visual Identity
an advertisement for work up on the side of a building with a woman holding a book
Workup is a company focused on Business Consulting for small and medium-sized companies. One of the company's objectives is to establish a position of connection between Workup professionals and the contracting companies. Another objective was to develop a visual identity aimed at the digital environment, so that entrepreneurs, students and management professionals, through Workup's content, seek their professional growth.
Jacques-Ouellette School Foundation
an empty auditorium with rows of chairs in front of a large screen that says garty at one side
TIMES TWO | A brand & digital design practice
TIMES TWO | A brand & digital design practice
a hand holding a blue soft storm book with the word soft storm written on it
Soft Storm柔性风暴Visual Identity and Packaging
the packaging design is designed to look like it has different colors and font on it
wadiz awards 2021
two different views of an elevator with green and black buttons
three mobile screens showing the different features of an app for dogs and cats, with text on
K9 App design