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These stunning structures are the result of a chemical reaction where the metal is deposited from the solution onto the metal surface. It takes from a few hours…
How Do Crystals Grow? (UoM Chemistry 16) - YouTube

Crystal growing -- ALSO see Geology category

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Boric Acid Technical Fact Sheet
Edible Slime - No cook recipe that's ready in less than 5 minutes. Feels and acts just like traditional slimes - Uses THAI BASIL SEED, cornstarch/cornflour, water, +/- food coloring
Make Your Own Homemade Fidget Putty Recipe for Less! ~ Little Bins for Little Hands

Slimes / play dough etc / bread -- ALSO see big category

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homemade paint recipe :: spice paint :: sense of smell activities

Natural pigments / DIY paints, stains, dyes, inks

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***Chlorophyll Chromatography***

Chromatography / autumn leaves / ink forensics

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Science Lessons From Making Freezer Bag Ice Cream
The Chemistry of Ice Cream – Components, Structure, & Flavour – Compound Interest
Baggie Ice Cream - Teacher shows her classroom set up for the activity

Baggie ice cream / freezing point depression / road salts

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Test the pH of everyday liquids such as coffee, spit, and soap to determine whether each is acidic, basic, or neutral. Investigate how adding more of a liquid or diluting with water affects pH.
‪pH Scale: Basics‬
These pH paper test strips were made using coffee filters dipped in red cabbage juice.

pH (acids/bases) / pH indicators / ocean acidification

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Chemistry Notes, Science Lessons
Atom, The Creator, Student, Concept, Development, Games
Chemistry Labs, Hypothesis, Friendly
Explained, Youtube Videos, Pie Chart, Science