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a person holding a green and blue tool on top of a tile floor next to a metal bar
E-Cargo-Bike-DIY : 26 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables
two pictures of bikes with boxes on the back
Another Homebrew Bakfiets (or Cargo Bike, If You Don't Speak Dutch)
Another Homebrew Bakfiets (or Cargo Bike, If You Don't Speak Dutch): 6 Steps (with Pictures)
some tools are laying out on a table
Cargo Bike Build
Cargo Bike Build - Imgur
two bikes parked next to each other in the grass
Making a Cart Bike
How to build a basket bike
the instructions for how to make a homemade bike trailer with wheels and cargo on it
Coming Soon
Free Cargo Bike Plans. I am planning to do a cargo bike myslelf. That's why I did some research and wrote article with 10 different free cargo bike plans. If you read this article you will understand that it is much much easier than you think. I would like to build a cargo bike because it is much cheaper than buiyng a new one.
an image of a bike being pulled by a cart with wheels and bars on it
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Велокенгуру 2.0
a drawing of a bicycle with the handlebars and seatposts attached to it
The Barrel Bike Instructions
#ClippedOnIssuu from The Barrel Bike Instructions
a green bike with a wooden box on the back
Lenkung Lastenrad Transportrad
Bosch - Deine Heimwerker Community
the bike rack is laying on the floor
OFFICINE | RECYCLE - How to Build a Two Wheel Cargo-bike
REcycle - How to Build a Two Wheel Cargo-bike: 7 Steps (with Pictures)
an orange and blue bike is parked on gravel
Build a 2-wheel Cargo Bike
an old fashioned bicycle is parked in the grass
Danish Long-John cargo bike.