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there are many sculptures on display in the room
a living room with white walls and shelves filled with books, vases and other items
an empty room with wooden floors and white walls, along with dark wood flooring
Babar Architecture Art Office is a design office specialized in architecture, interior architecture and site management. Babar Mimarlık Sanat Ofisi mimarlık, iç mimarlık ve şantiye yönetimi konularında uzmanlaşmış bir tasarım ofisidir.
a bird sitting on top of a table next to a green chair in a room
a bird sitting on top of a table next to a green chair in a room
a potted plant sitting in the corner of a room next to a book shelf
a living room filled with lots of furniture and a stair case in the back ground
an open door leading to a bathroom with a toilet in the corner and lights on
La résidence Hickson - Index-Design.ca
a black and white room with a large round mirror on the wall next to it
a man that is standing next to a wall with some kind of object on it
a woman is standing in an archway between two white walls and pebbles on the ground
an archway between two walls with lights hanging from them
an entryway with blue door and wooden bench next to plant hanging on the wall
an empty hallway with blue walls and wooden floors is pictured in this image, there are sculptures on the wall
the hallway is painted red and has two mirrors on either side of the door, along with an entryway bench
the hallway is painted blue and has red trim on the door, along with an arched doorway
a living room filled with furniture next to a white couch and table on top of a hard wood floor
a white room with pictures on the wall and a bench
a white wall with pictures hanging on it's side and the words shop below
Upstairs hallway
By studio Mcgee
an empty room with white walls and wood flooring is seen in this image, there are two framed photographs on the wall
a vase sitting on top of a black table next to a gray door and white wall
Speciallist | Beijer Byggmaterial
a man standing next to a wall with holes in it
Gallery of Laia House / CAVAA Arquitectes - 4
a man standing next to a wall with holes in it
Gallery of Laia House / CAVAA Arquitectes - 4
Gallery of Laia House / CAVAA Arquitectes - 4
Interiors, Casa Verde, Muri
a white tiled wall with small squares on it
Gallery of Can Picafort / TEd’A arquitectes - 52
an empty room with two wooden doors in the center and another door on the other side
Key Biscayne Condo Building With a Lobby That Evokes Tranquility
a living room with pink and white walls, coffee table, vases and lamp
a woman is holding the door handle on a red door with pink walls behind her
Order a sample | Orac Decor®
Samples are the ideal way to test out proportions, colors and styles from the comfort of your own home. Use them to create moodboards, hold them against the wall and paint them in your chosen colors to get the best idea of your desired result.
an image of a bathroom with white walls and tile flooring that is well decorated
the interior of a modern building with stone steps and arches in front of an orange brick wall
Frame首发 | GAZER肯思设计 × in物仓:逆回应
two light fixtures in the shape of broken concretes, one is turned on and the other is off
Articolo Trilogy Collection Campaign Image Photographed by Sharon Cairns
Exemplifying deceptively sophisticated engineering, a hallmark of Articolo’s growing body of work, the breath-taking Trilogy marries finely crafted metalwork with the superb beauty of artisan glass. Photography by Sharyn Cairns #articolo #lighting #wallsconce #bespoke #trilogy #interiors #homedecor #interiordesign #interiorinspiration #photography #stone #concrete #art #light #shadowplay #inspitingart #artisanal
two tall white pillars with red lights on them in front of a pink wall and ceiling
@eclecticedgeaesthetics @eclecticedge
a room with blue walls and statues on the wall, along with white columns that are painted in different colors
a chair sitting in front of a white wall next to a shelf filled with dishes
Caravaggio™ Opal P1, Opal glas
Fritz Hansen gör några av världens läckraste designerlampor, och deras taklampor är verkligen inget undantag! Vi älskar allt om den nya stil Fritz Hansen har fört till ljuset, och absolut älskar denna färg de kallar Opal glas. Artikelns artikelnummer är 84183105 och streckkoden är 5702371831058. Denna produkt har måtten H: 23,5 B: 32,5 D: 23,5 cm. Title: H: 21,6 Ø: 16,5
a store front with blue and white boxes on the outside, along with a bench
an empty room with white paneling and framed pictures on the wall, along with bookshelves
a brick wall with the words art and history spelled in cursive writing on it
Owston Hill by Meaghan White Architect - Issue 05 Feature - The Local Project - The Local Project