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a cartoon character is standing on the street
The Puppet Maker Blog - Puppets Magic Studio
someone is holding up a fake toothbrush in their hand
a toy robot that is standing up with its eyes open
a yellow stuffed animal with blue hair on it's head
Luna's Puppets
a stuffed toy sitting on top of a wooden table
CIPI by sivart puppets
two stuffed animals sitting in the back seat of a car, one with blue hair
Lewd Puppets Now Celebrating Christmas On Nerdist
The Jim Henson Company-affiliated Miskreant Puppets have appeared in a Nerdist video, singing an awkward version of '12 Days of Christmas'.
Handemonium - Custom-Made Puppets by Barry Gordemer - People
Handemonium - Gallery
a stuffed animal that looks like an old man
a man with purple hair and beard standing in front of a white background wearing a gray sweater
Luna's Puppets
a stuffed dog head sitting on top of a desk next to a drawing pad and scissors
four ceramic sculptures of animals on display in a room with other items and boxes behind them
Creature Symposium: Day One, Part Two
Lovely foam sculpt for puppets