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a spider - man with the caption it's friday
its friday (its sunday at 2:59 pm)
three men sitting at a table with cards in front of them and the words fact 90 % of gambling adicts quit right before they're about to hit it big
Fun fact about Gambling
90% of gambling addicts quit right they’re about to hit it big
two tweets with the same caption for each other, one saying it's valentine
Aventurine and Veritas Ratio having a normal conversation
wdym this isn't cannon? #honkaistarrail #aventurine #aventurinehonkaistarrail #drratio #veritasratio #gambling #5050 #theirshipnameis5050becauseitsaratioandagamble #spreadtheword
a pink ball with sunglasses on it that says how i feel after saying ladies first to a
not mine
a man holding a straw in his hand and looking at the camera with an ocean view behind him
drakes bbl
a young man is posing with his hand on his head and the word stfu in front of him
justin bieber pin
a man is looking at the camera with hearts all over his face and says guys be honest
guys be honest is santa real
not mine // creds to owner
Jokes, Hilarious
some very cute little ponys with different colors on their faces and hair in the same drawing
three people are standing on the beach with inflatable objects around them that say aw hell naw
Aw hell naw
an animated image of a man and two dogs in front of a rainbow colored background