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a vase filled with cotton flowers sitting next to a glass jar full of water and cotton stems
Hello everyone! Here is another Pickle jar transformation inspired by @target woven basket by Project62. I’m kinda obsessed with rope…
many different types of tools are piled on top of each other in buckets and bins
How to Repurpose Furniture Legs to Make DIY Candlesticks
Old table and chair legs can easily be turned into beautiful, fun candlesticks with a little DIY. For even more beauty, you can make your own sheet metal shades to add sparkle and drama. Here's the easy how-to. (you can see I needed to come up with a repurposing idea, so these didn't end up in the firepit;) First, cut your legs and spindles to the height you would want your candlesticks to be. Mine varied from 6-18". It's more interesting if the legs are turned the opposite way tha…
an old lamp turned into an upcycled table
Easy DIY Side Table Made From Something Unexpected
a purple desk with writing paper on it and pencils sitting on top of it
two wooden frames with metal designs hanging on the wall next to some potted plants
a metal wall hanging on the side of a house with an intricate design in it
a planter with some plants in it
Repurpose a Vintage Box with Hairpin Legs
a wooden table topped with lots of black wrought iron work on it's sides
Amazing Plain Curtain Ideas
Elegant Plain Curtain Designs //Parda Designs For Bedroom ///curtain ideas for Window in 2022 #Curtain #PlainCurtain #NewCurtainDesigns
a heart shaped decoration hanging from the side of a wooden post at a wedding reception
heart wreath.....make with willow branches...♥
two pictures of some grass on top of a wooden floor with the caption in russian
Make Your Own Primitive Fall Twig Wreath
DIY Twig Wreath ~ Shape heavy rusty wire into a 4" circle (old wire coat hanger or use small wreath form). Collect twigs, make bundles using more wire - leave enough wire to fasten to circle. Trim bottoms so bundles are about 6" or 7" long. Make 15 or 20 bundles (this wreath took 17). Attach bundles one at a time, laying them horizontal with the wire frame & overlapping each.
the diy tiered stand is made out of wood
DIY Triangle Tiered Tray Stand
How to make a DIY Triangle Tiered Tray Stand to display things
a red and black circle with an image of a star in the center on it
(Kekei Genkai)eyes of Sasuke Uchiha, eternal Mangekyō Sharingan (EMS)
This sharingan is bestowed upon Sasuke Uchiha who implanted the eyes of itachi Uchiha unto himself thus making the EMS.The abilities of this sharingan include a more powerful release of the amaterasu, genjustu,and teleportation (but it works better with his Tomoei Rinnegan)