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Santiago Guerrero

Santiago Guerrero
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Maserati A6 gcs Berlinetta

1955 Mercedes-Benz Gullwing :: Spirited Automobiles ohhh myyyy gawwwwdd, this is a freaking sexy car! 1955 Mercedes-Benz Wiege Maserati GCS Berlinetta at Lake Como

Ferrari 857-Sport Scaglietti Spider 1955-1958

1955 Ferrari 857 Sport Scaglietti Spider 0588 M – Utilizing the engine, Ferrari built just four 857 Sports models, and 0588 M was the last example created.

Porsche TAG Turbo Engine 1984

Hans Mezger, the porsche engineering genius who designed the engine and the Porsche 917 was responsible for the brilliant Porsche TAG Turbo engine. The project began in 1981 and the fir.