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Nendo redesigned chopsticks, one of the oldest Japanese utensils , beautiful design ♡ I want these! We use chopsticks on a weekly basis ☆ Japan Design, Clever Design, Cool Designs, Smart Design, Design Presentation, Design Industrial, Displays, Design Poster, Deco Design

New chopsticks for Hashikura Matsukan and Nendo

Nendo redesigned chopsticks, one of the oldest Japanese utensils , beautiful design ++

Pottery is elegant, diverse and quite the attractive addition to any part of your home. The kitchen is no exception as it can also benefit from the addition of pottery in a variety of ways. Ceramic Tableware, Ceramic Clay, Ceramic Pottery, Pottery Art, Stoneware Clay, Kitchenware, Japanese Ceramics, Japanese Pottery, Sushi Plate

橋本忍 粉引箸置き 作家もののうつわ 陶器・和食器販売【WAGOKORO】

My favorite early summer's sweets sweets / 稚鮎 - たねや Cake Packaging, Food Packaging Design, Pretty Packaging, Brand Packaging, Box Design, Design Web, Type Design, Graphic Design, Japanese Packaging

稚鮎 10個入(籠)|和菓子|たねや・CLUB HARIE 公式オンラインショップ

Japanese sweets / 稚鮎 - たねや

Sake Packaging Design - 20 Great Ones - Ateriet We dig deep in the world of Sake and have got 20 Great examples of Sake Packaging Design for you, check it out at Ateriet. Japanese Rice Wine, Japanese Sake, Japan Design, Design Web, Type Design, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Branding Design, Beverage Packaging

天領酒造オンラインストア|岐阜県飛騨 下呂温泉の酒造メーカー通販サイト


Be Inspired By These Creative Rice Packaging Design - The way you present your rice can speak volumes about your brand, your values and your product. Rice Packaging, Food Packaging Design, Paper Packaging, Beverage Packaging, Pretty Packaging, Paper Bag Design, Japanese Wrapping, Japanese Packaging, Japanese Rice


きらきらとまばゆい白い光りを放つ白米と、琥珀色の美しい玄米のおにぎり。 一般的なおにぎりよりも厚みがあり、宝石のようなお米を惜しげもなくぎゅぎゅっと握り、素朴なたたずまいの海苔にくるんで出してくれる。

How to wrap 5 more eggs should be in everyone’s book shelf who is interested in traditional Japanese packaging. Flicking through the book: pictures of packaging and a brief comment. Egg Packaging, Vintage Packaging, Packaging Design, Luxury Packaging, Product Packaging, Japan Package, Sushi Design, Design Food, Design Web

Japanese Package Design

Featured in "How to Wrap Five Eggs: Traditional Japanese Packaging" by Hideyuki Oka, published in 1975 (each was featured in an exhibit by the Japan Society on traditional Japanese packaging). Product...

Japanese Packaging Design - mizu-yokan, soft azuki bean jelly, filled in a bamboo tube – a delicacy in hot sweaty summers! Rice Packaging, Plastic Packaging, Bamboo Containers, Japanese Packaging, Artisan Food, Japanese Design, Japanese Style, Japanese Food, Sushi Design

Traditional Japanese Packaging designs

A deliciously set of five “sasa-dango,” dumplings wrapped in bamboo grass, a specialty from Niigata. Two different kinds of natural bamboo are employed here: A section of a bamboo stem... Read more

Magewappa Cedar Wood Lunch Box (set of Steam Bending Wood, Lunch Box Set, Box Maker, Bamboo Box, Wood Joinery, Wood Architecture, Bent Wood, Furniture Repair, Wood Tools

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Tsutsumu: Traditional Japanese Packaging (Japanese Edition): Hideyuki Oka: 9784861007712: Books Organic Packaging, Japanese Packaging, Tea Packaging, Brand Packaging, Packaging Design, Japan Crafts, Fashion Logo Design, Sushi Design, Japanese Design

Tsutsumu: Traditional Japanese Packaging (Japanese Edition)

Tsutsumu: Traditional Japanese Packaging (Japanese Edition) [Hideyuki Oka] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Tsutsumu: Traditional Japanese Packaging (Japanese Edition)

How is a Magewappa bento box crafted? Great bento box makers: Shibata Yoshinobu Shoten in Odate, Akita, Japan Box Maker, Dog Grooming Business, Bent Wood, Sushi Design, Bento Box Lunch, Chinese Restaurant, Akita, Wood Crafts, Crafts For Kids

Great bento box makers: Shibata Yoshinobu Shoten in Odate, Akita, Japan

Last year, I visited the workshop of Shibata Yoshinobu Shoten, one of the most renowned makers of magewappa (bent wood) bento boxes and other items in Japan. Here, finally, is my report.