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Adventure era #4

wacom intous5 /photoshop

[OC] My Mousefolk (Changeling) Bard, Sorazin Muen!

This subreddit is for fans of role playing games to submit request to get their characters drawn and for artists who want to draw characters from...

Dave Rapoza on Twitter

“I did a color pass on the Sikh inspired character I posted up the other day”

The Hero

Personal project.

Your own personal Jesus, Matias Zadicoff

This is a personal project based on an illustration by Gabriel Soares. This design tells a beautiful story about being humble and true to yourself, and it inspired me to recreate this piece even more. Gabriel sent me reviews and corrections on how he


日本テレビ系情報番組『ZIP!』(毎週月~金曜5:50~)のコーナー「キテルネ!」(6:45ごろ)では、12月2日から、映画『ルパン三世 THE FIRST』(12月6日公開)とのコラボレーションを実施する。

Eyes wide open

thebristolboard: “ Original cover painting by Jim Murray from 2000 A.D. prog #1011, published by Fleetway Publications, 1996. ”

The Sikh, Marco Rizzotti

This artwork is inspired by the fantastic illustration by Dave Rapoza which is possible to find here: The Sculpture is done completely in Zbrush and Maya. All the textures and materials are done in Substance

Lemmy Kilmister - Tribute

This is my last project, a tribute to Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead. Inspired on Serge Birault concept with some changes.

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