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Custom Epitaph - 6 - 12 word

I have created over 150 tombstones, and I can help you with your design by using my experience to custom design and layout and print out your epitaph of your chooising that is 6 - 12 words. PLEASE TYPE YOUR CUSTOM EPITAPH IN THE NOTES SECTION! Epitaph designed and tile printed in sections. Ready to use as a template to carve your epitaph Each eptiach comes with an instuction guide on how to apply and carve your epitaph into white or pink insulation foam. Epitaphs are designed for a 2' x4'…

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How To Make Gravestones

How to make styrofoam tombstones for halloween. How to Haunt Your House
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foam inspiration
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foam inspiration

DAVE LOWE DESIGN the Blog: Halloween 2014 - First New Prop Part 4
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Halloween 2014 - First New Prop Part 4

Here's how the gravestone began. First I used 2 sheets of large foamcore board (30" x 40"). Standard stuff, available at most office supply. If you've followed my blog for awhile, you know foamcore is my "go-to" prop making material. Not that it's the best, it's just what I've grown comfortable using. The same way a chef might have a favorite knife, or a writer has a favorite pencil. I drew and cut out the shape of the gravestone and basically made a box. The gravestone sides are strips of…

Almost complete! Next step spooky moss. #hotwirefoamfactory, #DIYhalloween, #halloween, #DIYtombstones

Almost complete! Next step spooky moss. #hotwirefoamfactory, #DIYhalloween, #halloween, #DIYtombstones

How to tombstones

Sweet Dream Escape

A place where I can dream

Outstanding broken cemetery tombstone (foam) by HF member weaz!!!!!
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Static: New 'cracked' tombstone

Thanks terra for the tips on the broken rock pile!

best tools for making halloween tombstones #hotwirefoamfactory, #ididitmyself, #spooky, #DIYgraveyard,#DIYtombstones
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best tools for making halloween tombstones #hotwirefoamfactory, #ididitmyself, #spooky, #DIYgraveyard,#DIYtombstones

Another tombstone idea.
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Weeping Angel Tombstone: Tutorial - Blogs

This is my version of the weeping angel tombstone that I combined with DaveintheGrave's peeping tombstone. For directions on how to make Dave's Peepin

Halloween!! #yard haunt
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Only 48 Days left till Halloween!!

As we get ever closer to Halloween I am finding myself under a pile of things I have to get ready. Despite having numerous projects left to finish up and new ideas to try out, I did find time to m…

Blackbeard's Tombstone: Tutorial - Blogs - Halloween Forum
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Blackbeard's Tombstone: Tutorial - Blogs

JustWhisper was my Secret Reapee and she had a wonderful 'like' - pirates! Always made a tombstone for my SR's gift and was thrilled to have the chall

Static: My newest tombstone faux wood w/faux metal plate by Halloween Forum member Nightfisher
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Static: - My newest tombstone - wood

I had one foam blank left from the sheet I bought a few months ago and decided to go for something different that I have not seen a lot of - wooden...

Halloween Tombstone Prop #4
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Halloween Tombstone Prop #4

Homemade tombstone make with a cheap foam skull, a piece of pink 2 inch thick foam insulation and a dremel tool with a router bit. I freehanded everything on these and it shows but I think once these are painted up they'll look pretty good.