Valentina Grand Ramírez

Valentina Grand Ramírez

Valentina Grand Ramírez
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Uhhhh...nice kitty, kitty... so they say! Dont let the big blue eyes fool you, shes ready to pounce.

Beautiful tiger but I wish photographers would stop photoshopping big cats' eyes to shocking blue! None of the big cats have blue eyes. The closest to blue is the Snow Leopard whose gray tawny eyes sometimes show a little blue green.

Gorgeous ~ Look at those eyes

The critically endangered Amur Leopard has been facing the risk of extinction for the past decade. Praise the World Wildlife Fund for its efforts to help save Amur Leopards and boost their numbers so that they can thrive once more.

Beautiful cat

(Both of my Bengals have these astonishing green eyes. In fact, they came from the breeder that bred the green eyes into the breed.) * * BENGAL: "Green eyes be okey, but der be cats who 'tink me be Irish or carries an Envy gene.