Green beans almonadine

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green beans with almonds in a skillet and the title reads, the best green beans with almonds
Green Beans Almondine
Green Beans Almondine is not only an easy side dish, but it's absolutely delicious! You only need 15 minutes and 5 ingredients. The beans are jazzed up with wonderfully fragrant garlic and shallots, and they have texture from crunchy almond flakes. A great vegetable side dish that's perfect all year round, and for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free.
green beans with almonds in a white bowl
Green Beans Almondine | A Crunchy, Healthy and Easy Side Dish Recipe!
Packed with buttery toasted almonds, this green beans almondine recipe is a restaurant-quality side dish that’s so easy to make. Crisp green beans are coated in a velvety sauce of fresh garlic and shallots with crunchy toasted almonds on top!
green beans and almonds in a white bowl on a table with lemon slices,
Green Beans Almondine | Mom On Timeout
Green Beans Almondine is a simple yet elegant side dish made with green beans, garlic and buttery, toasted almonds. It's prepared in one skillet and is ready to go in about 20 minutes. A beautiful and delicious addition to any meal - holiday or otherwise! // Mom On Timeout