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some people are standing in the back of a shipping container
a food cart sitting on the side of a road
two people are standing in front of a food stand
four different pictures show the interior and exterior of a shipping container with furniture in it
two green shipping containers sitting next to each other
Shipping Containers: Your Next Workshop?
Shipping container workshop. Nice... :) Yeah, I could work with a whole series of these. A stitching studio, a library, a storage container...
a white container with plants growing out of it's windows and the words the butcher's daughter
Chains Go After Young People; Cursed Locations
Very cool restaurant container---The Butcher's Daughter-
the outside of a restaurant with tables, chairs and signs on the side of it
Da Coffee Shop
a food stand with lots of items in it
Shipping Container Cafes by Port
A Shipping Container Cafe or 'Pop Up Cafe' is a great way to make your business stand out. Let Port Shipping Containers show you how. Phone: 1300 957 709.
a small pizza stand with stools and tables in front of it, along side a brick wall
Find Portland's Best Food Carts
food trucks in Portland
the inside of a restaurant with tables, chairs and chalkboard menus on the wall
Pizzeria Babbo - Picture gallery 2
Pizzeria Babbo - Picture gallery