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the interior of a children's museum with cartoon characters
Dream finder, Drew Barrymore, and Danny Kaye at Epcot Center...early 1980's. Vintage Disneyland, Epcot, Retro
Dream finder, Drew Barrymore, and Danny Kaye at Epcot Center...early 1980's.
the inside of a restaurant with many tables and balloons hanging from the ceiling above it
Disney Epcot 05 March 2003 (15)
a statue of jesus is standing in front of a movie projector with his arms outstretched
Epcot - Journey to Imagination
a man standing in front of a large object
Journey Into Imagination Vintage Photos
Journey Into Imagination V
a woman is standing on the stairs in front of a wall with an airplane painted on it
Tom K Morris (@TomKMorris) / X
an airplane with many seats and people in it
Journey Into Imagination Concept Art Gallery
Journey Into Imagination Attraction Concept Art (Muscials/Dance)
the inside of a building that is very colorful
Journey into the Imagination queue under construction
two men standing next to each other in front of a metal grate with one man wearing a top hat
a colorful display in the window of a building with lights on it's sides
people are standing in front of a large screen
CommuniCore East and West
CommuniCore East and West
an elaborately decorated carousel with people on it
Epcot mexico ride
an old photo of people walking in front of a building
Circlevision and PeopleMover by hmdavid, via Flickr
there are many balloons in the shape of animals flying over a building with a rocket on top
Extinct Disney » Star Jets