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Willow Witchcraft Crystals, Coven, Animal Symbolism
Spirit Animal Crystals - Owl
Willow Witchcraft
an image of fire element animals in the shape of a triangle on a red background
Fire Element Animals
an image of animals associated with water in the ocean and on land, including sea creatures
Animals Associated with Water 💧
an image of animals that are in the forest with words describing them and their names
Earth Element Animals
an animal spirit guide is shown in black and white
each zodiac sign's spirit animal is depicted in this poster for the zodiacs
The Spirit Animal That Best Represents Your Zodiac Sign
Spirit animals are meant to protect and guide us in life, sending us on a spiritual journey of sorts. Each zodiac sign has a spirit animal that influences us in a positive way.
an animal guide with different animals and their names on it's side, including the wolf
Humour, Empath, Psychic, Soul, Witch Quotes
Supernatural, Cat Symbolism, Types Of Witchcraft, Witch Symbols, Wiccan Magic, Magic Spell Book
Signs of a Familiar
an info sheet with different types of animals
Witches Familiar
a cartoon character is standing in front of a sign that says witch's garden
200 Things Every Witch Should Know - 1. Keeping a Book of Shadows/Grimorie
Healing Magic, Spiritual Awakening
Lord, Witches, Wicca Witchcraft
Pin by Jessie Caffery on Spiritual | Truth spell, Lie to me, Truth Truth Spell, Spells For Beginners, Healing Spells, Karma Spell, Luck Spells, Witchcraft Spells For Beginners
Pin by Jessie Caffery on Spiritual | Truth spell, Lie to me, Truth
an astrology sign is shown with zodiac numbers
Which Celtic Tree Zodiac Sign Are You And What It Says About You