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a white dog with black eyes looking at the camera
White Poodle Art and pictures
Custom poodle painting CuddlesandCreativity
time lapse of pet portrait painting
two pictures of a white poodle sitting on top of a chair next to a table
Lots of texture work went into representing Belle's curly coat in clay for her tribute figurine! The color splashes on her floral bandana also help bring out her sweet, bright smile. Custom figurines:
a sheep figurine sitting on top of a wooden table next to paintbrushes
Poodle Fur Tutorial
Holly's Creations in Clay: Poodle Fur Tutorial
a small toy dog is being held by someone's hand on a wooden table
Poodle Fur Tutorial
four pictures of white dog figurines in different positions
Custom Miniature Poodle Sculpture by phacelia on DeviantArt
DIY Tutorial #176
DIY Tutorial #176
toothless the dragon how to make / дракон беззубик из мастики
Custom cat portrait. Black and white cat Polymer clay Cat necklace