Raquira #Colombia *No hay mejor lugar para comprar los textiles en el centro de Colombia . Pare en la unidad entre Bogotá y Villa de Leyva

COLOMBIA: Raquira *No better place to buy textiles in central Colombia. Stop on the drive between Bogota and Villa de Leyva.

Las Lajas Sanctuary. Colombia.

Santuario de Las Lajas (Sanctuary of the Stone Slabs), Columbia. Had no idea a place like this existed in South America

Islas del rosario, Colombia Más

Rosario Islands, Colombia -are a several different islands minutes off the coast of Cartagena available for day trips or longer.

"El Gallineral" Natural Park in San Gil, Santander, Colombia. Wonderful scenery awaits you.

El Gallineral Natural Park in San Gil, Santander, Colombia. Wonderful scenery awaits you.

Que lindos paisajes en el Eje Cafetero! - Valle de Cocora, Colombia

Valle de Cocora, near Salento Armenia, Colombia. The national tree of Colombia, the Wax Palm, pokes across the landscape and can grow to 60 meters and survive for 120 years.

Las Lajas Santuario, Colombia: Construido entre 1916 y 1949, esta iglesia de basílica maravillosa está de pie sobre un cañón en Colombia del sur. Esta estructura magnífica rodeada por un fondo de los verdes es tanto asombrosa como mística.

Las Lajas Sanctuary, Colombia: Built between 1916 and this wondrous basilica church stands on a canyon in southern Colombia. This gorgeous structure surrounded by a pool of green is both striking and mystical.

Cabo San Juan Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona...

One of the million mind-blowing things this country has to offer: Cabo San Juan, Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona.


Beautiful Balconies in COLOMBIA. Looks like the private homes in New Orleans, LA. Either from the Garden District or from the French Quarter.


Casa de Narino - Bogota Colombia - A free one-hour tour by prior arrangement is a treat