How to Make Frisoles Antioqueños

How to Make Frijoles or Frisoles Antioqueños

Colombian Frisoles Antioqueños (a delicious bean soup with ham hocks, plantains, and Colombian seasonings)

Mute Santandereano (Santander-Style Soup) |

Mute Santandereano (Santander-Style Soup)

Mute Santandereano is a traditional Colombian soup from El Santander Department located in the northern central part of the country.

Sweet y Salado: Colombian Mazamorra

Colombian Mazamorra, is a typical dessert in various countries in Latin America. The Colombian version is basically very well cooked white corn (for several hours) in water. It then will be sweetened with sugar cane or sugar and milk will be added.

Sancocho de Cola de Res

Sancocho con Cola de Res

Sancocho is a very typical colombian dish. It is usually cooked for festivities in huge pots (so that everyone can be fed) and contains a whole variety of ingredients like corn, meat and veggies.