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El Artista - SabogalG. Musicals, Fictional Characters, Artists, Fantasy Characters, Musical Theatre

El Artista - Germán Sabogal

Germán Eduardo Sabogal músico, Composer interprete pedagogo productor musical . www.musictherapyonline.us Colombia. #musicoterapiaencasa #musicoterapeuta #cl...

Sabogal Music - JPS Straightener, Music, Beauty, Musica, Musik, Muziek

Juan Pablo Sabogal

Juan Pablo Sabogal flautista Colombiano Conservatorio de música del Tolima. Intérprete -COVER. German Sabogal Productor, Musico ,Compositor ,Intérprete. Cine...

My fatty Rose, Flowers, Plants, Youtube, Musica, Projects, Pink, Roses, Florals

My fatty

My fatty / MI Gorda -Malkita hija de Sandra Schvetz /GERMÁN SABOGAL Músico compositor e interprete. musicoterapia, sicoacústica. http://musictherapyonline.us...

Releasing Fears and Increasing Self Love to Welcome in Twin Flame ReUnion Auto Destruction, Narcissist And Empath, Twin Flame Runner, Twin Flame Reunion, Twin Flame Love, Twin Flames, Twin Flame Relationship, Relationship Quotes, Relationships

Soulmates - Almas gemelas

REGRESIONES ESTIMULANTES SONOROS / Almas gemelas Francy y Angela. GERMÁN SABOGAL músico, compositoe e interprete. mezcla y grabación. soulmates- sound stimul...

cat and violin image Cats Musical, Cat People, White Cats, Black Cats, My Buddy, Girl Face, Animals For Kids, Art Music, Puppy Love

Playing an Instrument | | %Music Therapy Online%

Playing an instrument, one of the best ways to train the brainWe have always heard that music appeases the beasts, but not only listening to music is good for the organism, but also playing an instrument can have very good consequences on the health of the person performing it. Therefore from Vitónica we will see some of the benefits that this activity will bring us. When we play an instrument we set in motion a series of mechanisms in the body in which the brain is the nerve center of the…

Ibagué antigua Nostalgia, Instagram, Travel, Home, Music Therapy, Souvenirs, Antigua, Colombia, Projects

Ibagué antigua

Un viaje al pasado - muchos recuerdos, algo de nostalgia, recuerdos de un ciudad que crece a un ritmo acelerado.Tema músical mia infanzia de Germán E.Sabogal...

Taller musical Musicals, Basketball Court, Youtube, Musical Theatre, Youtubers, Youtube Movies


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Virginia los colores del amor Virginia, Amor, Colors

Virginia los colores del amor

virginia álbum los colores del amor GERMÁN SABOGAL MÚSICO COMPOSITOR E INTERPRETE. http://www.musictherapyonline.us/ http://gesthemusicproject.blogspot.com.c...

Mariapachanga show Orchestra

Mariapachanga show

maria pachanga show la orquesta GERMÁN SABOGAL / JINGLE http://gesthemusicproject.blogspot.com.co/ http://www.musictherapyonline.us/ ©2016 germán sabogal

Homenaje a Sta Cecilia Painting, Art, Movies, Art Background, Painting Art, Paintings, Kunst, Drawings, Art Education

Homenaje a Sta Cecilia

homenaje a sta cecilia ©2010-2011 Germán Sabogal músico, compositor e interprete. Bandas sonoras para cine, tv, radio y jingles. musicotherapy and sicoacoust...