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a pair of scissors made out of chains on the ground with one broken in half
Steel2ShowMetalArt - Etsy
a metal scorpion sculpture sitting on top of a cement floor next to a wrench
20+ Things Made Out Of Old Parts
a close up of a metal insect on the ground
Acid Picdump (90 pics)
there is a silver spoon and fork in the shape of a frog with long legs
#handsanitizerstand #sanitizerstand
three metal candlesticks sitting on top of a cement ground next to leaves and grass
Holiday Shows - On Display now at the Memorial Union Concourse Gallery
there is a small metal crab on the counter with two wrenches in it's claws
50+ Easy DIY Welding Projects Ideas for Art and Decor – 2019 - Metal Diy
there is a metal sculpture made to look like a scorpion on the ground with multiple wrenches in it's claws
a metal spider sculpture sitting on top of a wooden table next to a wrench