Wanderlust zine
In with the old, out with the new - Blue mountains Created with Chinese ink and broken glass pieces
Rhetorical figures - Rain Raining cats & dogs Raining men
Wanderlust zine
Wanderlust zine.
Wanderlust zine
Wanderlust zine
Wanderlust zine
Wanderlust t
wanderlust zine

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Wanderlust zine.  Inspired by Taiwanese and Japanese indie zines, incorporated a project called the Blue Mountains with travel photography to evoke feelings of wistfulness in regards to travelling.   2015
Wanderlust zine
{things we love : kate spade}; Can't find where to buy it from :( but what I can see already is inspiring!
COOL FOOD // Screenprinted art zine
Illustrated set of 3 limited edition notebooks #illustration #wrapmagazine
Create an awesome travel journal with these ideas #scrapbooking #traveljournal  Image via: https://www.flickr.com/photos/dispatchfromla/sets/72157628391925751#
The Idle Theory Bus people are reminding me of how letting go and leaning in opens up the world in magical, mystical ways. I need some wanderlusting in my future...some idle time on the road.  Here's their journals -> Zine Bundle: Volume 1 & 2 of Paper Maps by IdleTheoryBus on Etsy
Spilling It: PostSecret's Frank Warren is the High Priest of the Online Confessional | California Magazine