Recetas para niños: brochetas de fruta para niños

6 recetas fáciles para niños: ¡brochetas

Strawberry Brownie Kabobs I Drizzle melting chocolate over a skewer of warm brownies, strawberries and marshmallows for a decadent Valentine's dessert.

Aperitivos para fiestas

Bacon-Wrapped Cocktail Sausages - A super easy and yummy appetizer for any party, especially Super Bowl. Cocktail sausage, bacon, and brown .

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Aprende a preparar deditos de queso con esta rica y fácil receta. Los dedos de queso son el aperitivo perfecto para fiestas y reuniones. Recetas parecidas como la de...

Receta de Deditos de queso

Snack: Cheese sticks or "Deditos" originated from South America, it became a total hit at a party and the recipe was spread among the wives. A nice variation: you can easily substitute the cheese with is sausage.