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two people sitting in chairs looking at an old bus on the road with another car behind them
two pictures of a table with chairs and flowers in vases on the top one is black and white
Brie Moreno. Before & After
an open book with writing on it sitting on top of a table next to a computer
black and white photograph of a person laying down
melissa (Tightrope to the Sun)
a nude woman laying on the edge of a swimming pool next to two lounge chairs
a white toilet sitting inside of a bathroom next to a trash can on the floor
three different pictures with the same person's eye and tree branches in black and white
Tiny Street Interventions by Slinkachu | Inspiration Grid
Tiny Street Interventions by Slinkachu | Inspiration Grid
miniature people are swimming in the water on top of a cell phone
a toy man is standing on top of a pink substance
Miniature world?!
a small toy man sitting on top of a chocolate pyramid with mountains in the background
three black and white photographs of people in an airplane with the doors open, on display