Diseño en Morado

Nail designs with Black polka dots on a Light Purple background and Light Purple polka dots on a Black background. With Silver, Light Purple, White, and Black strips. Along with a feather design.

Check out our collection of nail designs that are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

15 So-Pretty Nail Art Designs for Valentine's Day

Red nails are great for parties - so why not get funkier with those talons this Valentine's Day! From arty doodles to patchwork hearts - we'll have your nails

Oh my gosh... @gracia fraile fraile Gomez-Cortazar Murray

Super cute nails inspired by Mr. The classic colour of orange on white makes the design look so great. It is creative how they show both the tail and head of the fox with its paw prints ;

Simple Rose Nail Art Designs 2017 - Styles 2d

Beautiful old rose nail art design. The nails are painted in old rose color with gradient effects of old rose and violet polish. The roses look like they are engraved on the nails which makes it look even more interesting.