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LOVE this!! amazing find! there are tons of great roller bottle blends {and…

21 Roller Bottle Recipes for Emotions (FREE PRINTABLE LABELS} - One Essential Community

Roller bottle recipes {FREE printable labels} for calm, focus, grounding, balance, gratitude, happy, energy, motivation, confidence & more

Natural Ear Infection Relief 5ml roller bottle 5 Lavender 5 lemon 5 purification 3 panaway 3 thieves Fill with Olive oil

All-Natural Ear Support for Kids!

Check out this All-Natural Ear Support for Kids! using Essential Oils! If you are looking for All-Natural Ear Support for Kids!, check out this Essential Oil Blend!

Easy magnesium oil recipe, plus how to apply it for optimal results and minimal discomfort. | Empowered Sustenance

Magnesium Oil 101: How to Make and Use It

Nutrients applied to the skin are efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream. That is why we shouldn't put anything on our skin that we don't want coursing through our blood. And that is also why this homemade magnesium oil works so well: it's a supplement we take through the skin. What is magnesium oil? Actually, it's not an oil. It feels slippery like oil, but it is a solution of magnesium chloride flakes in water. (I recommend Ancient Minerals magnesium flakes.) You can purchase magnesium…

DIY "Before You Go" Poo-Pourri No. 2 Toilet Spray -- natural, cheap, and easy to make, but best of all - it really works! Give the toilet bowl a few quick sprays before you go and the odors will be trapped discreetly inside the toilet bowl and flushed awa

DIY "Before You Go" Poo-pourri Toilet Spray

DIY poo-pourri toilet spray. Simple to make. Only 2 ingredients plus essential oils. 8 favorite recipes - everything from floral to citrus, warm fall scents and holiday aromas.

Best bath and beauty products are easy insect repellent lotion bars that are under 6 ingredients and will keep those mosquitoes away

Mosquito Repellent Lotion Bars - Savvy Naturalista

Mosquito Repellent Lotion Bars Oh it’s DIY Saturday and this is the second series and the last in our Mosquito Repellent series. Today we are making mosquito repellent lotion bars. I have been spending a lot of time in the garden lately trying to get rid of all those caterpillars that have been eating... Read More »

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Essential Oil Blending - Essential Oil Info

Essential Oil Blending Essential oils can be categorized into broad groups based on their aromas. An example categorical system is as follows: Floral (i.e. Lavender, Neroli, Jasmine) Woodsy (i.e. Pine, Cedar) Earthy (i.e. Oakmoss, ...

Essential Oils From Head To Toe Chart

This is a handy chart showing you how essential oils can help you from head to toe. Be sure to pin it on Pinterest so you can refer to it later!