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NEW Montegrappa

NEW Montegrappa - posted in Italy - Europe: MONTEGRAPPA CITTA' D'ARTE VENEZIA NEW 2009 Over the centuries, culture and philosophy evolve. Civilizations are established and they develop, leaving behind architectural treasures and splendid works that make our cities so breathtakingly beautiful and unique. With its ancient history and immense cultural heritage, Italy can rightfully be considered one of the countries with the highest number of cities of art that we can appreciate and...

Montegrappa Barbiere Fountain Pen Silver Broad : Montegrappa Barbiere Fountain Pen Silver Broad : Office Products

StarWalker Midnight Black Fineliner : StarWalker Midnight Black Fineliner : Calligraphy Pens : Office Products

Von echten Liebesbriefen und echtem Flohmarkt-Glück…

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Karlbox: Karl Lagerfeld lança estojo de pintura exclusivo com 350 itens em parceria com a Faber-Castell - Follow the Colours

Em parceria com a Faber-Castell, Karl Lagerfeld dá uma forcinha para aqueles que respiram arte e lança a Karlbox, um estojo exclusivíssimo para pintura.


Как вы думаете, для чего эта штучка? Это печатка - для восковых печатей Wonderful French Antique Art Nouveau Silvered Bronze Miniature Wax Seal Stamp Вот еще:…

One of a Kind

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Happy Black History Month from the Goulet Art History Desk! Guess the Harlem Renaissance sculptor whose work influenced today’s layout. This Florida native began sculpting with clay at a young age, and despite a life of struggle and setback, committed her life to her passions of sculpting and teaching. Gamin, one of her most famous busts (and one of the few displayed in bronze), depicted a young Harlem boy who is presumed to be modeled after her nephew. Does anyone know the name of this…

The London Writing Equipment Show

The London Writing Equipment Show is on its fourth year and has been held again on the first Sunday in October at Kensington Town Hall. It is buzzing with coinoisseurs getting all technical about nibs and makes and ink-filling systems. Present were representatives of the Writing Equipment Society, nib smiths, the author of the Conway Stewart definite book, the author of the classic works on the Parker Duofold, Vacumatic and 51, the International Society of Antique Scale Collectors, the owner…


Circa 1910 Waterman Chased Filigree 0514 Good Filled Fountain Pen

For your consideration, we are offering for sale this Restored Rare Circa 1910 Waterman 18K Gold Filled Chased Filigree Overlay Eyedropper Fountain Pen w/Box. This fountain pen has been thoroughly taken apart, cleaned, put back together and now is in wonderful writing condition.

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Sheiban Jewelers is an authorized retailer for Montblanc products, carrying a large selection of Montblanc pens, cufflinks, wallets, and watches. Shop Montblanc online or at the Cleveland location.

Vintage Pelikan Versus Modern Pelikan?

Vintage Pelikan Versus Modern Pelikan? - posted in Pelikan: So I was perusing about vintage Pelikan fountain pens and what is purported to be advantage(s) of them over their modern day counterparts and it still is an unresolved issue in my mind. I'm debating between purchasing a modern pen like an Aurora 88 or a vintage Pelikan like a 400 or a 400NN as my next pen purchase. Therefore, I'll ask you what do you think is the advantage(s) of vintage Pelikan or vintage fountain pens...

Dying of cute

“He had thought, no doubt, from the day he was born, much more than he had acted; except indeed that he remembered thoughts–a few of them–which at the moment of their coming to him had thrilled him...

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