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two potted palm trees in a greenhouse
The Best Palm Trees for Your Garden
The best palm trees for your garden 🌴 With numerous species to choose from, our palms can vary greatly in size, shape, and appearance. This variety allows for creative garden designs, from towering, majestic trees to smaller, shrub-like forms. Here are just a few of them 👇 • Sago Palm, product code: 3244 • Date Palm, product code: 67212 • Mediterranean Fan Palm – Multi-Stem – Extra, product code: 48843 • Jelly Palm, product code: 2346 • Mexican Blue Palm, product code: 2326 • Sago Palm - Extra, product code: 48850
two palm trees in large potted plants next to a lawn mower and fence
Palm Trees for Your Garden
Palm trees can bring a touch of tropical elegance and exotic beauty to any garden. Here are a few of our recently delivered specimen 🌴
three potted palm trees in a greenhouse
Jelly Palm (Butia Capitata)
Beautiful palm trees will create relaxing tropical atmosphere in your garden 🌴 Check out a few options you will love 👇
a potted plant sitting in front of a black door
several palm trees in large black potted planters inside a greenhouse with glass walls
a potted plant sitting on top of a brick floor next to a black fence