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the tall grass is blowing in the wind
Ornamental Grasses for Your Garden
Ornamental grasses are valued for their beauty, versatility, and ease of care in garden landscapes. Whether used as focal points, accents, or mass plantings, they add texture, movement, and year-round interest to gardens. Check out some of our beautiful grasses: • Japanese Sedge ‘Everest’, product code: 18843 • Eulalia ‘Gold Bar’, product code: 18910 • Mexican Feather Grass, product code: 18823 • Japanese Sedge ‘Evergreen’, product code: 18862 • Pampas Grass, product code: 18831 • French Grass, product code: 18806
some very pretty plants in a big grassy field
Vivid Ornamental Grasses for your Garden
Best ornamental grasses for adding vivid colours to your landscape 🌾 These grasses are sure to become strikingly beautiful accents in your garden beds - just choose your favourite colour from our selection!
some very pretty plants in black pots on the side of the road with trees in the background
Pampas Grass (Cortaderia Selloana)
Our lush Pampas will look just fabulous in garden beds, shrub borders or as a specimen plant. What is more, it is evergreen and will provide year-round interest to your garden 🌾 🔍 Available in cream, pink and golden colours, check them out on our website!
the grass is blowing in the wind and purple flowers are blooming on the other side
Mexican Feather Grass (Stipa Tenuissima)
Ornamental grasses are ideal for adding striking accents to your landscape, whether if you plant them on their own or in groups with other plants. Have a look at our gorgeous options on the website.
some very pretty flowers and plants in a field
Ornamental Grasses Garden Bed
If you are looking to diversify your garden beds, look no further - ornamental grasses will be a great decision. We love the Mexican Feather Grass for the unusual look resembling fountains of white sand 🌾
pink grass in the middle of a field
a wooden bench sitting in the middle of a lush green field next to tall grass
Idea For Using Ornamental Grasses in Your Landscape
Ornamental grasses make any garden bed more interesting and textural. Check out our gorgeous grasses which are sure to become a perfect complemention for your landscape on the website.