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an abstract painting with blue, green and yellow colors on the ocean canvas wall art print
Epic Graffiti "Sky and Sea Crop" by Danhui Nai, Giclee Canvas Wall Art - 12" x 12"
"Sky and Sea Crop" by Danhui Nai. Danhui Nai was born in mainland China with her sculptor father and painter mother, whom both taught and supported her budding artistic skills.
an oil painting of a sunset over the ocean with colorful clouds and blue sky above
Colorful Reinterpretations of Cloudy Scottish Landscapes
an easel with a painting on it next to a vase filled with white flowers
Susannah Bleasby Fine Art | Original Paintings
Painting is my everything - balancing thoughtful, intentional composition and the intuitive placement of colour. Nature inspires me. Its beauty, strength, and wisdom never ceases to fill me with wonder and inspiration. My work is a harnessed response to both. The outcome is joy and an endless facscination with colour.