Posta Negra

Posta Negra

Posta Negra is another traditional and delicious Colombian dish from the Atlantic Coast of the country. It contains beef, cooked in a dark sauce made with Cola,

Ajiaco Bogotano

During this time of year it's really good to have a little bit of hot soup to get warmed. What better soup than Ajiaco Bogotano, one of the most popular dishes in Colombia. This soup's main ingred.

Receta: Bandeja Paisa

Bandeja Paisa (Paisa Platter)

Sopa de Mute (Hominy and Pork Soup) |

Colombian Yellow Hominy Soup (Sopa de Mute)

Receta de Frijoles Colombianos | en español

Frijoles Colombianos

Frijoles Paisas o Antioqueños is a common dish from the Antioquia region.

Sancocho Trifasico "Tres Carnes" Colombia, cocina, receta, recipe, colombian, comida.

Sancocho Trifasico 'Tres Carnes' or Colombian Three meats Stew is a very popular one pot stew. This makes a perfect family meal or Sunday Lunch.