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All French and one designed nail (likely ring finger) with a chosen color and same on toes

Little footprints are just about the most adorable things ever. This is especially good for a footprint-themed baby shower, but it can work for any theme.

5 Fun and Creative Baby Shower Cupcakes

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There's every reason to go cupcake crazy when they are as adorable as this. With a blue dummy and cute little hat, these cupcakes are so sweet you'll find it hard to eat yours

Mouthwatering cakes to celebrate the birth of a new baby

guests write words of wisdom on little baby onesies and clipped them on a clothes line. Cut the onesies out of white cardstock, and kraft paper and hang on a twine with baby clothespins from Michael's

Make into boy Scout symbol, and write advice for scout. cute onesie cut outs for guests to write some words of advice# baby shower