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the jewish calendar is shown in blue and white
Free Jewish Holiday Calendar 2023-2024 - Printable and Digital
a poster with the names of jesus and other things in front of it, including an image of a gold statue
Bible Chronology and Timelines
an alarm clock sitting on top of a table with the words 12 simple ways to worship god every day
12 Simple Ways to Worship God Every Day
a poem written in black and white with pink roses on the bottom right hand corner
5 Things You Can Do to Fight Spiritual Attacks
What do you do when you see signs of a spiritual attack? As Christians we've been giving everything we need in scripture to fight the enemy. Here are some bible verses and biblical truths to help you fight spiritual attacks. #spiritualattacks #bibleverses #spiritualgrowth
an image of a poster with the words what friend jesus is and why he has to be
What a Friend We Have (iPhone5: 640x1136)
What a Friend We Have In Jesus
a poster with the words prayer warrior written in different colors and font on white paper
Prayer Journal Cover
The Yellow Bridge: Prayer Journal Cover
a poster with the words jesus christ and trebuke written in black on it
I rebuke, cancel and destroy every assignment & attack of the enemy
the words i love god everything are written in black on a white background with an image of
Legal Diva
Thank You Jesus for all You've done and continue to do!
the words god is the only reason i made it this far
John Reese (jcrrer93) on Pinterest
a woman kneeling down with her hands on her knees and the words, lord change me from the inside out
My constant prayer
a poem with the words prayer for sleep and rest written in black on a yellow background
Prayer for sleep & rest
a poem with the words prayer to hear god's spirit
Let me hear Your voice and do Your will.
a cross on top of a wooden fence with the words god is like oxygen you can't see him but you need him to survive
Friendship Baptist Church
Breath in the sweet scent of the Spirit of God, and give Him all the praise and glory this Holy Season! He is our lifeline..., Amen!?