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a cartoon character with headphones and blood on the ground in front of a brick wall
undertale anime gif
UT gif - Would you hug this ghost? [Yes] [Definitely] [ABSOLUTELY!] [HECK YEAH!!]
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a woman sitting on top of a pile of little white ghost dolls with speech bubbles above her
リーフ (Leaf) (@Riifucat) on Twitter
Undertale Mettaton Napstablook
an animated image of a cartoon character in the dark
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Mettaton singing for Papyrus who's playing Undyne's piano, then leans in for a kiss that Papyrus accepts until Sans pulls Mettaton's legs because his brother will not be touched. Papyton
a drawing of a woman holding an object
temporarily an undertale fan blog so sorry
a cartoon character is standing in front of the sky with his hands on his hips
GIF: Como parte de la intro a una posible futura serie, mola muchísimo
why does tht look familiar. .
an anime character with red hair holding his hands together
Mettaton EX Mobile Wallpaper by Freakyingyer #1972436 - Zerochan Anime Image Board
Human Mettaton | Undertale