Emily the strange

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a cartoon bear holding a heart on a pink background
an image of a woman sitting in a chair with a cat on her lap and the caption says,'early isn't lazy she just happy she's just happy doing nothing
Emily the Strange postcard: Emily isn't lazy she's just happy doing nothing.
a woman sitting on the ground with an umbrella in her hand and skulls around her
a black and white drawing of a woman holding up two fingers in the air with one hand
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Princesa Emo, Black Soul, 4 Cats, Witch Moon, Bad Bad, Mall Goth
a figurine sitting on top of a red chair with black cats around it
an image of a woman sitting on a red chair
Dark Shadows sculptures
a black and white image of a woman surrounded by cats
Emily's cats Emily the strange
a girl with long hair standing in front of a red background and looking at her reflection
Emily the strange by violetcrosshatch on DeviantArt
Emily the strange - Google Search
the words my problem is you are in red and white on a black background with a woman's face
My Problem is YOU
the logo for no more miss nice guy, with a woman wearing a top hat
no more miss
a woman with long black hair holding a guitar and wearing headphones, is featured in the 2009 calendar
emily the strange