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What can wood + epoxy do to your ideas?
Combine design wood and epoxy to create stunning new design ideas. Mix and pour epoxy resin onto a wooden surface, allowing it to flow and create mesmerizing patterns. Experiment with different colors, textures, and techniques to achieve unique effects. From wood art to wood panel walls, this technique adds a modern and artistic touch to your woodworking projects. Let your imagination run wild and access my bio link for more free design ideas to inspire your next masterpiece!
an old fashioned stove sitting in the corner of a room
three balls of yarn are hanging from a wooden hanger on a white cabinet door
DIY Twine Holder from Wooden Hanger
an image of some cardboard with measurements for the top and bottom pieces on it's sides
Crease-Mate: a Shirt-folding Board
Folding clothes is the worst part of doing laundry. Folding shirts by hand is time consuming, inconsistent, and untidy. This can lead to wrinkles, unorganized...
various pictures of different types of plants being made from wire and metal mesh baskets, with text overlaying the image
10 DIY String Gardens "Kokedama"- A Cultivated Nest
several rolls of toilet paper are stacked on top of each other in a bathroom closet
75+ Super Easy Storage Ideas for Small Spaces
the instructions for how to frame a window
Framing Basics: From Windows to Doors - The Inspiring Investment
Framing Basics: From Windows to Doors - The Inspiring Investment
a pair of pliers cutting through a piece of wood with the number 8 on it
How to make a window sill
Floor Tiles
Oxdigi Vinyl Floor Tiles Peel and Stick 23"x 393"/64 Sq.Ft, Thicken Self Adhesive Vinyl Flooring Roll Marble Pattern Waterproof DIY Floor Coverings for Bathroom Living Room Kitchen, Gray Marble