Antioqiua, Colombia.

'La Piedra de Guatapé' (The Rock of Guatapé), Antioquia, Colombia .photo from a different angle than most that I've seen, but no photographer is listed.


Medellin,Colombia , just named In March 2013 the most innovative city of the world, very proud of my homeland's achievements

Scenic Road Trip You'll Enjoy - East Coast Road, India

Seven Scenic Road Trips You'll Enjoy

Korean Demilitarized Zone or DMZ

South Korean checkpoint at the demilitarized zone seen in recent times. The demilitarized zone was created in the 1953 armistice to end warfare between North and South Korea.

Great Reasons for Visiting South Korea

Seoul is the capital and most popular city of South Korea. We are giving here all travel guide and information about Seoul city with new photos-images.

Scenic Roads - Atlantic Road, Norway

Atlantic Ocean Road echnical facts about the Atlantic Road: Overall length: 8274 meters Width: meters Maximum gradient: Cost: 122 million Norwegian Kroners

Travel Around The World: Seven Scenic Road Trips You'll Enjoy

Manali–Leh Highway - India’s epic Himalayan road trip, along the second highest highway in the world, is the most popular approach to Ladakh, and revered by motorbikers, cyclists and drivers alike.

Dog Sleddging Norway

Dog Sleddging wilderness safari at Karasjok, Norway Adventure sports at its best, a thrilling adrenaline rush of driving your own team.