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a yellow bird with its wings spread sitting on a rope in the middle of a room
a small yellow bird sitting on top of someone's hand
a small yellow bird standing next to a toy duck
a hand holding a small crocheted bird on it's finger, with white background
Blue Budgerigar Crochet Parakeet Stuffed Animal Plush Parrot Realistic Toy Jungle Decor for Restroom Gift for Pet Lovers - Etsy Australia
two green and yellow parakeets sitting next to each other
people are standing in front of a large building with a giant kite flying above it
😍😍 I was dancing along lol. So adorable!!
Cockie song 🎵 - Rate this cuteness out of 10! ❤️ - Follow our page 👉 @parrotloversworld for a daily dose of cuteness! 😍 - 📸 Credit by @cockatiels_screen . #parrot #parrots #parrotlife #parrotslove #parrotsoftheworld #birdsofinstagram #parrotsig #parrotsareawesome #parrotaddict