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Poppies |  by Redscape

Orange Iceland Poppies Previous Pinner said: "My father loved poppies and made sure his garden had a gorgeous poppy display every year!

~~ Tibetan blue poppy ~~

Tibetan Blue Poppy ~ Gorgeous - saw these at Butchart Gardens

White poppies

White poppies by Barbz Fluttering Flight via The White Poppy for Peace Campaign

Blue Power

Blue Power (Morning glory) - one of my favorite flowers. I plant them every year, love this blue, purple also.

Himalayan blue poppy - very pretty blue

Himalayan blue poppy is hardy in most of the United Kingdom, and it has striking large blue flowers. It probably owes much of its success to the fact that, unlike most Meconopsis, it is a perennial.

Primroses, England

Primroses - remind me of my granny x


Flowers Y❤B <> Primroses

primrose, wow

Polyanthus plants, sometimes known as primrose, are a spring plant that offers blooms in a rainbow of colors. There is a difference between a Polyanthus and a Primrose. A primrose has one flower on a stalk, but a polyanthus has many.

Colorful poppy

Field of Colorful Poppy