Freunde von Freunden — Johanna Burke — Set Designer, Apartment and Studio, Brooklyn, New York —

Johanna Burke

*wunderkammer-inspiration*: Ein Sonnenuntergang im Haus der Schaufenster Designerin Johanna Burke // A sunset at the home of the Jet Designer Johanna Burke // Una puesta de sol en la casa de la escenógrafa Johanna Burke

Rosa Park & Rich Stapleton — Freunde von Freunden

Rosa Park & Rich Stapleton — Freunde von Freunden

nexttoparchitects:  Menos é Mais + João Mendes Ribeiro, art center in the Azores Contemporary Art Center engages in dialogue with the volcanic landscape of the Azores in Ribeira Grande, a municipality on the Portuguese island of San Miguel. Winner of a competition held in 2007, the project for the cultural facility sought continuity between an old alcohol and tobacco manufacturing plant on one hand, duly renovated, and two new buildings on the site, unifying the scales of different periods…

Arquipélago - Contemporary Arts Centre seeks to unite the different scales and times of its parts. It is a transdisciplinary project whose mission is to diss.