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bailey's chocolate martini in a coupe glass
Baileys Chocolate Martini Recipe - Chisel & Fork
three different shots with oranges and strawberries on the rim, one in a martini glass
Dreamsicle Martini Recipe
Dreamsicle Martini Recipe is a vodka cocktail made with ice cream and orange juice. It's fun summer time drink and can be made with or without the vodka!
How To Make Easy Chocolate Martini With Baileys [Valentine's Day Treat]
the most delicious coconut martini recipe is in front of two glasses filled with white liquid
The Most Delicious Coconut Martini Recipe!
two martinis with strawberries on the rim and one is filled with strawberry cream
Strawberry Shortcake Martini {The Strawberry Dessert Cocktail!}
The perfect strawberry cocktail! Made with strawberry puree, cake flavored vodka and cream liquor, it packs a punch but also has a creamy, sweet texture that is sure to please.
How To Make Creamy Chocolate Martini With Baileys Recipe
two glasses filled with chocolate martinis on top of a black table next to mint leaves
Baileys Chocolate Martini Recipe
This Baileys Chocolate Martini is the perfect combination of chocolate and Baileys! Dessert in a glass, you won't find a better chocolate martini recipe!
two martini glasses filled with almond joy cocktail
Almond Joy Cocktail | Dangerously Delicious | Dishes Delish
The combination of the 4 ingredients makes this almond joy cocktail so delicious, that it becomes dangerous because you will want to chug it! #almondjoycocktail #cocktail #amaretto #dishesdelish
two glasses filled with peaches and cream martini on top of a slate tray next to sliced peaches
Peaches and Cream Martini
This PEACHES AND CREAM MARTINI is fun summer cocktail, perfect for sipping on the patio! This cocktail is cool, creamy and completely delicious!
a pink drink in a martini glass with an orange garnish
two martinis with lime garnish sit on a plate