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"Work Style - Forever Young" by johnna-cameron. Grey tweed skirt, black blouse and black cardigan with tall boots or dark hose/heels combo.

"Grey & Red" by monicaprates on Polyvore

Adorable work outfits with shirt and red cardigan. I just bought a red drape cardigan on sale at Chico's. I already have the grey pants and white shirt. I even have red plaid shoes.

How to wear a chambray shirt to the office by Blissful

A chambray shirt, black blazer, white dress pants, and black pointy toe flats for work.- except I can't wear white pants at work.

Para mi!!

Work Outfit: grey pants, white tank, beige blazer, black flats, and leopard accessories. Leopard scarf and earrings tie in tan blazer


Love the top. I'm a big fan of the cardigan or open sweater as a third piece. But this tank with floral red pattern takes the cake! Great for spring, summer and fall. Bright, red flats are fun! I don't care for the earings.

Rayas porque no buen gusto en verano listo para la Oficina Formal

20 Amazing Cute Sweater Outfit Ideas for 2018 Fall/Winter Look

white button-down shirt, striped skirt, black cardigan, yellow necklace, cognac accessories