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Outdoor Living Space - Mediterranean - Patio - other metro - by Wendy Zolezzi Design. Maybe external tiles a bit like this . darker colour like the ones they use on old colonial buildings, with pebbled grouting between tiles.

Galería de Casa Gauché / Earthworld Architects & Interiors - 1

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Nickel Iron (Ni-Fe) Battery - Iron Edison recommends Nickel Iron (Ni-Fe) battery technology for your off-grid or renewable energy storage needs. Vastly out-lasting the 5-7 year life cycle of their lead-acid counterparts, Nickel-iron battery systems have an expected life of 30+ years and are quickly becoming the environmentally sensitive choice for off-grid and renewable energy storage applications.

This is an example of nickle-iron batteries that can be used for storing energy that has been produced by solar power. These batteries allow renewable energy to be stored rather than being used as it is produced.