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an advertisement with different types of luggage tags on the front and back of each bag
two tags with the words kolek tv printed on them are shown in black and white
Kollektiv Design Labs Clothing Hang Tags
Hangtags projects | Photos, videos, logos, illustrations and branding on Behance
a pair of jeans with the label error denim on them and an empty tag attached to it
Sexso Jeans
Sexso Jeans on Behance
Hangtag Inspiration, Hangtag Design, Hang Tags Clothing, Hang Tag Design
Hangtag Arini collection
a white tag hanging from a string on a brown leather background with the word, forlor
Folklor Co. - Futura
Folklor Co. – Futura
an advertisement for fashion cutting edge, with the tag hanging from it's side
淘宝网 - 淘!我喜欢
a black and white photo of a name tag with a cord attached to the tag
Style Minimal: Photo
Style Minimal : bang
a pair of blue jeans with a tag on them
Vogue #hangtag
an orange notebook with the word world written on it and a black cord attached to it
Originele merklabels, hangtags & branding | voor kleding | Label Legendz
two tags with black and white letters are hanging from the handles of each tag,
Hangtag Design
Hangtag design for apparel company.
a label on the back of a giraffe print jean's jeans,
etiqueta de cintura para jeans Armani jeans. Animal print.
a label on the back of a pair of jeans that are not in use yet
a label on the back of a pair of jeans that says guess jeans organics
Leather labels
Denim Pocket, Denim Accessories, Denim Details