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The best fragrant flowers and plants for every region. Learn which plants perform - and perfume - the best for your area.
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dark fall foliage around spires of white flowers
Actea, a Native but Fragrant Perennial
Actea (Actea simplex, Zones 4–8) is a native perennial with several beautiful selections boasting dramatic dark foliage. The tall spires of white flowers come at the end of summer and add wonderful fragrance.
Cleveland Sage Flowers, Plants, Purple Flowers, Purple, Lovely, Salvia, Enchanted Garden, Fragrant
Lovely Fragrant Cleveland Sage
Cleveland sage’s lovely silver foliage is among the most fragrant of any salvia, so much so that its dried leaves are often bundled together and used as incense. It’s a cool-season grower, using winter rains to produce whorls of light blue to purple flowers in late spring. This plant needs fast-draining soil to endure the high monsoon humidity and low night temperatures of low desert areas.
‘Lemon Fizz’ Lavender Cotton Rhizome, Japanese Barberry, Street Trees, Mild Winter, Different Plants, Urban Garden, Dried Flowers
‘Lemon Fizz’ Lavender Cotton
Because of its vibrant, lemon-yellow foliage, I call this a highlighter pen for the garden. Tiny, pale yellow button flowers cover the plant in summer. It grows best in gritty, fast-draining soil, and it will lose its shape and flop open in the center if the soil is too wet.
purple flowers growing out of the ground next to rocks
12 Beautiful Plants That Evolved Nasty Defenses Against Pests
Gray creeping germander is a stalwart that loves lean soil, ample sun, and heat. A perfect ever-silver edger, it is ideal for adding color to xeric borders, along paths, or draping over masonry walls. When brushed or crushed, the foliage emits a fruity herbal smell much more aromatic than that of its cousins. Starting in late spring its flat, mauve-tinted buds slowly open to smother the broad mat of needle-like leaves in light plum flowers.
Seven-son flower Japanese Tree, Bloom, Heuchera, Tree, One Tree, Arboretum, Landscape, Flower Bud
The Seven-Son Flower
I appreciate seven-son flower for its indispensable contributions to the late-season landscape. Blooming toward the end of summer, this tree is at its peak beauty and fragrance when other plants are fading into the background.
‘Sasaba’ Holly Tea Olive Bewitching, Foxglove, Yucca, Different Textures, Olive, October Sky, Evergreen
‘Sasaba’ Holly Tea Olive
When I first saw ‘Sasaba’ holly tea olive, the wildly different texture of its lethally pointed leaves put stars in my eyes. It has a sculptural quality that is rare in broadleaf evergreens—rigidly bold and eccentric without the wispy ranginess associated with many shrubs.
Coast Azalea Horticulture, Flower Spike, Flower Names, Nativity, Native Plants, Soil
Coast Azalea
You will want to plant coast azalea close to a window or a sitting area, where its sweet spring fragrance can be enjoyed. This coastal plain native blooms and sheds its spent flowers before the foliage fully emerges, giving it a neat and tidy appearance when bloom time is done.
plants for year long fragrance Design, Gardening, Ideas, Indoor Plants, Trees And Shrubs
The Path to Yearlong Fragrance
Imagine your garden rising and falling through the seasons, with flowers, foliage, and scents ever changing. You’ll find yourself stopping to smell the garden every time you walk out the door, so you might want to kiss punctuality good-bye.
Mountain mint Pink Daisy, Daisy Flower, Mint, Chrysanthemum, Green Flowers
Mountain Mint
Mountain mint absolutely vibrates with insect activity during its extended bloom time, which stretches from early to late summer. The plant itself is beautiful, if a bit aggressive, and may spread to form an impressive colony if given the right conditions.
close up of swamp milkweed Pink Flowers, Echinacea, Fine Gardening, Photos On Facebook, Beautiful Gardens
Swamp milkweed
Swamp milkweed (Asclepias incarnata, Zones 3–6) is a beautiful native perennial with fragrant pink flowers in midsummer. Like all milkweeds, it is a host plant for monarch butterfly caterpillars. Adult monarchs, like this one, visit as well for a hit of nectar.
Chinese abelia Dark Purple Flowers, White Summer, Summer Flowers, Species
Chinese abelia
I like the straight species of Chinese abelia mainly for its fragrant flower clusters, which are so heavy that they almost give the plant a weeping effect when it is in bloom from early to late summer.
‘Golden Jubilee’ giant hyssop
‘Golden Jubilee’ Giant Hyssop
Gorgeous, licorice-scented foliage and contrasting spikes of lavender-blue flowers make ‘Golden Jubilee’ giant hyssop a dramatic choice for the butterfly garden.
Tufted evening primrose Bugs And Insects, Evening Primrose, Shrubs, Primrose, Autumn Garden, Yellow Flowers, Pollinator Garden, Organic Mulch
Tufted Evening Primrose
As the daylight wanes, this otherwise demure plant becomes the center of attention thanks to its 4-inch-wide blooms and delightful fragrance. Don’t let its paper-thin petals fool you; tufted evening primrose is tough as nails, despising moist garden beds and organic mulches.
white fringetree flowers Summer, White Flowers, Strawberry Bush, Shrub, Roots
Gorgeous White Fringetree Flowers
Despite having southern roots, white fringetree is a fantastic large shrub or small tree for northern gardens. In early summer, branches are decorated with 4- to 8-inch-long pendulous clusters of fringelike, creamy-white flowers that emit a subtle, sweet fragrance.