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a drawing of a native american man with feathers on it's head and shoulders
Swoon, Ice Queen
Bird painting on gold leaf paper, chinoiserie style!
I'm using my set of chinoiserie paintbrushes and gouache paint to create this beautiful bird resting on a blossom brand on gold metal leaf paper. This painting is part of my new collection of originals 'Garden of Secrets', available now!
an altered photograph of a woman's face on a piece of paper
Swoon x Braddock Tiles
Magazine Gel Plate Transfer
an image of a painting with people looking up at a flying object in the sky
an image of different types of letters and symbols for children's coloring pages, with the
Работы знаменитого британского художника Эндрю Люмиса
This is a pretty neat was to arrange a composition, as opposed to the spiral, or rule of thirds or triangles
Click the link for more! 😉
an old newspaper with some pictures of men in different haircuts on the cover
LAZARUS - Album art
Illustration work for the forthcoming Lazarus album.
a drawing of a man's face with different colored lines on the side and sides
Some stylized face studies in sun light 🌞, swipe left for thought process and notes 📝 on lighting/ structure & proportions 👈👈🎨 ⠀ More… | Instagram post from Ben Eblen (@ben_eblen_design)