Luis Fernando Jaramillo Molina

Luis Fernando Jaramillo Molina

Luis Fernando Jaramillo Molina
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Funny pictures about Extremely Photogenic Dog. Oh, and cool pics about Extremely Photogenic Dog. Also, Extremely Photogenic Dog photos.

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Thunder wrap for dogs this July For dogs afraid of fireworks you can use an ace bandage to make a calming thunder shirt.


The American Pitbull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier originated in the United States. The dog breed "pitbull" that seems so popular with identifying mixed breeds that look like this picture, does not exist.


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Only with a Pit Bull... Es verdad que son súper aguantadores con los niños, se les suben, los jalan, los aplastan y  ELLOS FELICES

They are not vicious dogs child attacks helpless pit bull! oh my gosh its another vicious Pit bull ohhhh my gosh


I think she's the safest girl on the planet ! :) Actually to the person that wrote that caption I'm more afraid of 2 chihuahua's than I would be of 2 pitties!