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Aquí hay otra alternativa rápida, con un diseño de acordeón, que se puede ocultar en otras piezas de mobiliario como las unidades de pared.

Lots of pictures of great ideas for space saving beds, including murphy beds "Here’s another quick alternative, featuring a concertina design, which you can hide into other pieces of furniture like wall units.

Genial idea para usar en un estudio y transformarlo en guess -room

Japanese designers Atelier OPA created a unique set of products, which are perfect for small spaces. This foldaway set of furniture includes a mobile home office, a small kitchen and a guest room. When not in use, fold your furniture away and pack them in

Doble cama Cuando no está en uso, la litera ingeniosa se pliega en un pequeño armario sólo 12 "de profundidad..

Dumbo Double Murphy Bed by Roberto Gil. When not in use, the ingenious bunk bed folds into a small cabinet only deep. Maybe for a guest room?

Inteligente y con estilo plegable Muebles Piezas para espacios pequeños

Figo Lime Futon with White Frame : Constructed as a chaise lounge that spreads flat into a comfy sleep surface. Featuring a soft, durable mattress cover with integrated pillow. The convertible design is quite contemporary and a very practical option.

Cuarto de huespedes o sala de juegos, no importa :D

++pic only A great tiny house solution for single level bedroom. Murphy Bed and sofa in one. Add an ottoman with storage for a foot rest during the day filled with your pillows for the bed - Montana Murphy Beds