Book week - Read, Grow, Inspire

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a bulletin board with flowers and books on it that says when we read we grow
When we READ we GROW!
the reading garden has been decorated with books and plants for children's birthdays
How to Organize Your Classroom Library - Miss Jacobs Little Learners
a sign that says when we read, we grow with flowers and butterflies on it
Spring Library Bulletin Board
a sign that says reading helps your mind bloom on the side of a wooden podium
Reading helps your mind bloom
reading helps grow the mind bulletin board with paper flowers and watering can on it's side
Library Bulletin Board
an open book with the words grow your mind on it and a green plant growing out of
Open a Book Grow Your Mind - NEW Classroom Motivational Reading Poster
a book cover with an image of a person pouring water from a watering can
Reading Makes The Mind Grow - The Minds Journal
paper cactuses are sitting in colorful pots
Book Week 2023: Resources, Links and Ideas