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Character Design by Yu Cheng Hong #character #digital #digitalart #cgi #design

Yu Cheng Hong is a talented artist based in Taipei, Taiwan who specializes in creating game art. Here’s a stunning series of avatar character design and costume for a game project.

Who says cargo planes can't do aerobatics ? C-27 Spartan in a knife edge pass. Note the deflections of the control surfaces.

Alenia Spartan ~ Doing a knife edge. I have never seen a cargo plane do a manuever like this. It also did barrel rolls. Note the rudder deflection.

♂ Plane wings aircraft Boeing / Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche

Helicopters are versatile and used widely in the aviation world. Find military helicopters, private helicopters and more here.

C-17 Globemaster III

My dad put one of the The Lord of the Rings movies on his iPhone for me while we were flying in one of these from Germany to D. It's a And that was the first time I ever watched LOTR. Flying over the Atlantic Ocean with my dad.

F-14 Tomcat

The jet fighter is one of the most complicated machines in the modern world seeing it soar into the sky is very inspiring.